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Executive Director's Message:

I generally write Connect on a Friday so that it can be edited and formatted ready for distribution on Tuesday. This week, Friday happens to be the 13th, and given that it is 2020 I'm pretty pleased that the day has been fairly uneventful here in New Zealand barring a small volcanic ash emission on White Island. I hope you all had a peaceful weekend.

I would like to welcome Julie James to the GRSB team. She has joined Katie and Scott and has taken over from Angela. If your organisation has stringent e-mail filters, please ensure that you add julie.james@grsbeef.org to your list of trusted senders so that you continue to receive all of our administrative emails. Welcome Julie, we are looking forward to working with you.

The week before last we held a round of consultations on the first draft of GRSB global goals, facilitated by the Consensus Building Institute. We received good feedback on all three of the goals; we are on schedule with the process. Last week we also introduced the goals to our regular monthly national roundtables call to be sure that they are being discussed at country level well in advance and give plenty of time for feedback. All of these discussions have provided us with useful feedback, and promise to make the global goals a product of our entire membership.

Last week, we also had the first look at the draft narrative that has been developed by Engine MHP. I have been really pleased with their work to date, and while the process will go through further consultation, it is clear that our members have been heard and we are getting close to a narrative that we can really use.

Please don't forget that our General Assembly meetings are taking place this week; special guest speakers during the 2020 General Assembly will include Mr. Richard Brown and Dr. Nils Beaumond of GIRA, the international food research and consultancy firm, and Ms. Diana Rodgers, nutritionist, author, and film maker.

Mr. Brown and Dr. Beaumond will be speaking on the "2020 Global Meat Vision Clouded by Extraordinary Storms: Implications for the Sustainability Agenda."

Ms. Rogers will be discussing "Sacred Cow: The Nutritional, Environmental, and Ethical Case for Better Meat." Next week from 22nd to 30 November, you will be able to watch Sacred Cow online. Please sign up to do so here.

In addition, the General Assembly will provide full updates on all of the work in which GRSB has been engaged this past year, including, of course, the work of all of our member roundtables, the goals development work and the development of our communications narrative by Engine MHP.

The 2020 GRSB Annual Report has just been released!

The report details the work being accomplished by the organization as well as the many National and Regional Roundtables around the world.

To view the newly-released report, please click on the following image:


Ruaraidh Petre
Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
Executive Director
November 17, 2020

Please plan on attending the
2020 GRSB General Assembly

Wednesday, November 18th and Thursday, November 19th
from 2:00 PM-4:00 PM

More details are coming soon!

Please see a summary of all meetings, calls and webinars on our event calendar in the member area of the website.

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