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Executive Director's Message:

The process for the development of GRSB's goals is moving forward apace. There are a number of key dates that members should note.

We would like to be in a position to have a membership vote on ratification of the goals by the third week of April next year. To do this we need to have had full member consultation including member roundtables input.

The member comment period, therefore, needs to start at the beginning of February to allow time for collection of feedback and revision.

The board will be asked to approve release of the drafts for member comment at the January board meeting, which means having all of the draft goals and associated documents ready by Christmas at the latest.

Between now and Christmas, CBI will be leading the process of consultation within each of the three working groups; GHG, Land Conversion & Biodiversity, and Animal Health and Welfare. Your participation in these groups is always encouraged. Robust participation at this stage will help us reach goals that work for the membership at large.

We will also be involving the communications team at MHP to help with formulation in accessible language and development of a uniform and approachable style.

All consultation meetings with CBI from now on will include translation between Spanish and English, and if there is sufficient demand to add Portuguese alongside, that is also feasible. These meetings will all be listed on the calendar the GRSB website.


Ruaraidh Petre
Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
Executive Director
October 6, 2020

Despite the news that we are not able to proceed with our conference in Paraguay next April as originally planned, we are organizing an alternative event online.

Though we will undoubtedly miss the fellowship of meeting each other face to face, I hope we will be able to compensate for that with some interesting footage from different national roundtable activities around the world.

Also, the launch of our Goals. Momentum is building and there are now many field activities that will inspire us to keep moving forward.

On November 18th & 19th of this year,  we will be holding our Annual General Assembly meeting for all members online.

In addition to the usual expected updates from our working groups and national roundtables, we have invited a speaker from Gira to talk about the evolution of the impact of Covid on the beef trade and implications for sustainability

Also invited, Diana Rodgers, author of Sacred Cow.

UC Davis CLEAR Center

with Dr Frank Mitloehner
aka @ghgguru.

We welcome CLEAR Center, well known in livestock circles for their excellent myth busting communication on livestock emissions and impacts. We look forward to involving them in both our GHG group and communications council.

We would like to thank the most recent member to contribute to our sustainable beef acceleration fund, Tyson, for their sponsorship.

Please see a summary of all meetings, calls and webinars on our event calendar in the member area of the website.

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