What's in the news right now about an environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable beef value chain?

Executive Director's Message:

On April 27th, we will be holding our board call in the normal way, and it will follow the typical format of our monthly board calls, including updates from working groups and national roundtables. 

As we are missing a physical meeting and therefore presentations from others that we would normally have had at that meeting, we are also scheduling a webinar entitled "Focusing on Sustainability in a COVID-19 World" for the 28th of April at 8a.m CDT.

In this webinar we will be hearing from people representing our various constituencies around the world on the impact the current pandemic is having on sustainability in each of their sectors, and what it may mean over the coming year. There will be at least 30 minutes after the presentations for discussion and questions.

We are looking forward to hearing from Justin Sherrard of Rabobank on the outlook for protein generally, from NCBA on the situation for producers in the US, from Leon Mol of Ahold Delhaize on the supermarket sector in Europe and North America, from MacDonald’s on the impact on their global business, from Solidaridad on impact on developing countries and from Taciano Custodio for processor and exporter perspectives from Latin America. 

These insights will help us understand the overall impact for GRSB itself in the coming year, not only in terms of our ways of working which are evolving fast, but also in terms of our ability to manage our strategic plan through the expected economic downturn as a result of the pandemic. You will receive an invitation with connection details for this webinar this week.

Our working groups are now making some progress; I think the fact that people are not travelling has helped to some extent in terms of aligning agendas, though undoubtedly this does lead to difficult timings for some.

We apologise if scheduled meetings are at inconvenient times. As our network grows and we see increasing global engagement, it is time for us to consider repeating some of our calls more than once at different times to enable better participation. 

It is never too late to get your company involved in one of the working groups, so if you have internal expertise on communications, any aspect of GHGs, or any aspect of land conversion, and want to participate, let me or any of our staff know and we’ll get you involved.


Ruaraidh Petre
Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
Executive Director
April 7, 2020

Producer to Producer: Tell Your Antibiotic Story

National Livestock Producers Association | April 1, 2020

Cattle producers have made substantial progress in rethinking how to use antibiotics in animal care and a short video is now available to share their news.

Farmers and ranchers understand the need for careful stewardship of antibiotics, and work hard to use them judiciously and responsibly so we all will have them when we need them. Many believe there is a disconnect between what they are doing every day and what the public hears.

Business Giants Including Tesco Urge Ministers to End Supply Chain Deforestation by 2030

EDIE | March 31, 2020,

Tesco, McDonald's and WWF are among the businesses and NGOs urging the UK Government to set a legally binding 2030 target to end deforestation in agriculture and forest product supply chains.

The call to action is being made by the Global Resources Initiative (GRI) taskforce, in a new recommendations report sent to Ministers on Monday evening (30 March).

Businesses including Cargill, Tesco, McDonald’s and Legal & General; NGOs including WWF and the Forest Coalition; and the UK’s Green Finance Institute, are among the organisations to have contributed to the report. The report begins by highlighting the importance of forest conservation to not only nature and biodiversity, but to meeting climate targets and achieving the economic social sustainability measures set out by the UN in its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the latter, it highlights the fact that 1.6 billion people globally depend on forest systems for their livelihood. On climate change, it reiterates the UN’s assertation that forests could account for 30% of the solutions need to mitigate climate change.

Beef and Sheep Price Collapse Leaves Farm Sector Facing Financial Crisis

Ciaran Moran and Martin Coughlan, Farming Independent | March 31 2020

Farmers and food producers are facing a financial crisis as prices and markets continue to collapse due to the impact of the Covid-19 emergency. Food producers are battling the closure of lucrative markets worth hundreds of millions to the sector, Bord Bia has warned. The meat industry alone has seen at least a third of its €1bn market in the UK wiped out overnight with the closure of restaurants and food-service outlets, said Bord Bia CEO Tara McCarthy.

Beef Industry Looks Past COVID-19 Scare

AgInfo.net Farm & Ranch Report | March 30th, 2020

In response to the ongoing efforts to provide relief to Americans impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, NCBA Vice President of Government Affairs Ethan Lane issued the following statement:

“As the country reels both economically and emotionally from the spread of COVID-19, NCBA has been hard at work ensuring that cattle producers remain able to focus on the national infrastructure priority of keeping high-quality beef available to consumers.

“Meeting that challenge requires federal officials at the Departments of Agriculture, Transportation, Interior, Treasury, and more to have a full understanding of how our product gets from the pasture to the plate – and we’re extremely proud to tell that story.


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