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Executive Director's Message

Two weeks ago we held our first communicators summit. This was an opportunity for member organisations to engage with GRSB and each other about how we all communicate about sustainability – who are our targets for communication, and how do we best engage with them?

Naturally the answers to those and other questions vary depending upon what your business does; we had a good cross section of participants from ranchers through feeders, packers and retailers and various input suppliers as well. 

This led to really rich discussions, interspersed with presentations from a range of experts including Dr Lily Edwards Callaway from Colorado State University, Dr Frank Mitloehner from UC Davis, Vance Crow from Monsanto, Bryan Weech from Barenbrug and Kevin Folta from the University of Florida. We also had a great panel discussion with producers from the US and Canada (see more here).

During the time we all had together we also took the opportunity to interview a number of the participants, and will use these for communications in the future.

For more materials from the communicators' summit, visit our events webpage (you will need your GRSB login details to see some of the materials).

Ruaraidh Petre
Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
Executive Director

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Who ever said you shouldn't meet your heroes hasn't met Dr. Kevin Folta. Excited to hear from him about sustainability in agriculture and how to brea down complex topics for consumers.


ruralgoneurban: tremendous first day with @grsbeef + sustainability communications summit ranch, feedlot, and packer tours, and a spin around @greeleyhatworks. 10/10 excited to be on tomorrow's panel about communications trends.

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We're ending #GRSBcomm with some hard hitting conversations and great speakers.

grsbeef Beef Producers Views of Sustainability Communication with @dhayden1988, @debbiel_b, @southranchtim, and Erika Murphy. They discussed everything from how to get involved in the conversation to what they wish other producers would begin to do on their farms and ranches.

See more photos at https://www.instagram.com/grsbeef/

grsbeef Dr. Lily Edwards-Callaway from @coloradostateuniversity sharing abou how animal welfare pairs with sustainability.

Thanks to the team at JBS for the tour of Greeley Beef Plant and for all of JBS's support to #GRSBcomm!

Read more about it at
Dr. Kevin Folta's blog: Rethinking Communication

Ag Web: How to Best Communicate Sustainability

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