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We are now entering the final week of the public comment period on our principles and criteria. I urge all member organisations to reach out to their own staff and associated companies, organisations and individuals to make sure that we have a good broad and representative body of comments from around the globe. We will be making a further public call for comments as well, but please do distribute this link widely in your network and encourage submission of comments.



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Sustainability News

Defining Sustainable Beef

Dateline: May 2014, Source: By Cameron Bruett, Wes Ishmael, BEEF Magazine

"The American rancher faces so many challenges today: the increasing average age of the producer, the declining cowherd, access to capital, how to get the next generation back to the ranch," Cameron Bruett, JBS says. "Those are sustainability issues. They're all issues that must be addressed". And they all fit within the GRSB Principles and Criteria for Global Sustainable Beef.

Prime Quality, Profitability and Sustainability - Is It Possible In Beef Production?(PDF)

Dateline: May 2014, Source: Hoffmann Nutrition

Over the last 20 years Swiss company Hofmann Nutrition AG has developed and implemented a prime quality beef system (QUALIVO) integrating real sustainability. It starts to gain importance. Jürg Hofmann, the company’s owner answers our questions.

Principles and Criteria For Global Sustainable Beef Production

Dateline: 04/28/14, Source: By Kathy Voth, On Pasture

As the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef circulates its draft principles and criteria, folks are asking a lot of questions. The most important one might be whether in a world used to choosing sides and then fighting, can folks actually talk to each other to find mutually beneficial solutions?

McDonald’s Sets Five ‘Pillars’ For Sustainability Framework

Dateline: 05/05/14, Source: By Eric Schroeder,

For the first time, McDonald’s Corp. is placing an emphasis on specific, measurable sustainability improvements. The fast-food chain, which has issued a Corporate Sustainability Report every year or two, on April 30 issued its first report to contain a framework with aspirational goals it would like to achieve by 2020. The framework is in contrast to reports of the past, which have steered clear of setting specific targets.

Sustainable Beef: A “Global” Discussion and You

Dateline: 03/03/14, Source: By Heidi Carroll,, South Dakota State University

In the last few months, a global discussion initiated by McDonald's and several other food retailers continues to intensify as best practices of animal welfare and sustainable food production methods, specifically for beef, are being identified. McDonald's commitment to buy sustainable beef in 2016 led to the formation of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, which consists of representatives from all sectors of the beef supply chain. So why is it so difficult to agree on a "globally acceptable" definition?

Sustainable Livestock Innovations and Impacts Panel Discussion

Dateline: May 2014, Source:

Growing public attention has been directed to livestock production and its implications in the US and worldwide. Serious concerns revolve around farm animal welfare, the carbon footprint of farm animals (especially within confined facilities), water pollution, and health and environmental impacts of high-animal-protein diets. On the other hand, increasing numbers of producers and programs are developing more sustainable and organic approaches in livestock management, aiming to reduce environmental impacts, and seeking to enhance the health of soils, animals, plant, ecosystems, and people.

Squaretable Agenda Is Not Focussed On Opposition to Global Sustainability Moves, Says Chairman Farley

Dateline: 05/07/14, Source: By Jon Condon, BEEF Central

The newly-appointed chairman of the Nationals’ so-called ‘Squaretable’ group has put paid to any suggestions that the body’s agenda is focussed on opposition or counter-measures against the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Former Australian Agricultural Company managing director David Farley has accepted an invitation from the Nationals to chair the squaretable, he confirmed to Beef Central this morning. Contrary to some earlier claims, Mr Farley categorically denied that the express purpose of the group was to oppose the Global Roundtable for sustainability Beef process.

Nationals Warning On Sustainable Beef Push

Dateline:05/06/14, Source:

You hear the word sustainable almost every day: sustainable development, sustainable living, sustainable cities. So why is it that some sectors of the beef industry, are running scared at the prospect of being officially labeled as sustainable?

Industry lobby group, the Cattle Council, wants to market Australian beef as sustainable, arguing it's what consumers want and expect.

Global News

Livestock Industry Has Beef with Country–of–Origin Labels

Dateline: 04/30/14, Source: By Peter Urban, Arkansas News

New requirements on country–of–origin labeling are imposing a high cost on the livestock industry and should be revised, according to Tyson Foods Senior Vice President Shane Miller. "It's bad for consumers, bad for our business and bad for family farmers in general," Miller told a congressional panel on Wednesday.

Beef Issue Threatens to Tear India Apart Along Religious Lines Ahead of Elections

Dateline: 05/05/14, Source: The Voice of Russia Radio

Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party tipped to win national elections, has vowed to protect cattle, triggering fear among beef traders. Modi wants to put a stop to the beef trade. In his election he attacked the current government for promoting the beef industry calling it India's "pink revolution," thus provoking anxiety about the future of the industry if the BJP comes to power and maintains its anti-beef stance.         


Our Members



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Members in The News

Operation Grassland Community Unveils "Conservation Caravan" Film, Open House

Dateline: May 2014, Source: Operation Grassland Community Website

For more than 20 years, Operation Grassland Community, inspired by its ranching partners, has remained open and receptive to the changing needs of both prairie wildlife and human communities, evolving and adapting to ensure timely and appropriate action.

Elanco Moves to Help Fight Antimicrobial Resistance

Dateline: 04/29/14, Source: Australian Veterinary Association

One of the AVA's five strategic advocacy priorities is working cooperatively to fight antimicrobial resistance, a global problem that according to the head of the World Health Organization could bring about "the end of modern medicine as we know it."

As veterinarians rely on antibiotics to treat animals and prevent suffering, the AVA sees it as critical that they retain access to effective medication. Elanco recently announced a new global antimicrobial policy, limiting the use of medically–important antibiotics in farm animals and ensuring veterinary oversight.

Red Angus releases Choice+ Grid with Tyson Foods

Dateline: 04/24/14, Source: Red Angus Media via Drovers CattleNetwork

Producers and feeders can now step through open marketing doors and garner premiums for supplying a predictable, quality product that traces back to the Red Angus genetics and the ranch of origin. Tyson Fresh Foods recently released the Choice+ performance-based grid designed exclusively to pay premiums for cattle enrolled in the Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program (FCCP).

The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) has worked closely with Brad Brandenburg of Tyson to develop this premium pricing structure specifically for Red Angus genetics to be harvested through Tyson processing plants.

Our Responsible Beef: Finding the Right People for the Job

Dateline: 05/06/14, Source: By Suzanne B. Bopp, Drovers CattleNetwork

At JBS Five Rivers Kuner Feedlot in northeast Colorado, a great deal of emphasis is placed on finding the right people for every job; this is a message that is echoed throughout the company, starting with General Manager Nolan Stone. "People who want to make their mark: Those are the people we’re looking for."

Walmart Hosts CEOs for Sustainability Expo

Dateline:04/29/14, Source: AgWeb

walmart today joined forces with CEOs from more than a dozen global companies to sign new commitments that accelerate innovation in sustainable agriculture and recycling. The pledges kicked off Walmart’s inaugural Sustainable Product Expo, a three-day collaboration to expand the availability of products that sustain people and the environment.


Global News

Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Beef Cow-Calf Grazing Systems in Uruguay (PDF)

Dateline: 02/24/14, Source: Sustainable Agriculture Research; Vol. 3, No. 2; 2014, Published by Canadian Center of Science and Education

Evaluating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at farm level is an important tool to mitigate climate change. Livestock account for 80% of the total GHG emissions in Uruguay, and beef cow-calf systems are possibly the largest contributors. In cow–calf grazing systems, optimizing forage allowance and grazing intensity may increase pasture productivity, reproductive performance, beef productivity, and possibly reduce GHG emissions.

Livestock Methane Emissions in the United States

Dateline: 04/15/14, Source: Penn State Extension

A 2013 study suggested that US EPA estimates of methane production underestimated true emissions. Penn State scientists collaborated with other experts to examine that claim. Using a method of calculating emissions based on feed consumption, these researchers concluded that the EPA estimates are accurate.

Grainfed Beef's EU Inroads

Dateline: 05/02/14, Source: By Matthew Cawood, North Queensland Register

Australia is making inroads into once–uncharted country, the European Union grainfed beef market, with further gains to be made, producers heard in Armidale this week. MLA Europe and Russia regional manager Michael Crowley told the Ebor Beef "Steakholders" meeting that despite having to revise carefully cultivated perceptions that Australia excels mainly at grassfed beef production, we are now filling an increasing share of the EU's high–quality grainfed quota.


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