Dear GRSB Member,

Welcome to GRSB connect for the week of 22nd April. Last week we held our executive board meeting in Brisbane, Australia. We really appreciated the effort so many members made to attend from around the world, and the hospitality of our Australian members who came to the first board meeting we have held there. In addition to existing members, there were some potential new members and observers, which all added to the value of our being there.

The first important outcome of the meeting was the board’s agreement on the venue and dates for our Global Conference on Sustainable Beef, which will be held in São Paulo, Brazil on the the 2nd-5th November, with the main conference taking place on the 3rd and 4th. The venue is the Sheraton WTC, São Paulo, so please save the date and start making plans to be there in November. Full details for registration and links to hotels will be made available through our website soon.

There was a lot of discussion about our principles and criteria in Brisbane, and the media in Australia has followed a lively debate on the subject. This has not yet translated into large numbers of comments so please, do ask people in your network to look at the P&C and fill in the comment form - the more widespread and representative the comments, the better the document will be able to represent the range of stakeholder opinions. Thanks;

Ruaraidh Petre
Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
Executive Director

Sustainability News

McDonald's Definition of "Sustainable": Brought to You by the Beef Industry

Dateline: 04/17/14, Source: By Matthew Cawood, North Queensland Register

One thing is certain about the concept of “sustainable beef” right now ... no one knows how it will work on the ground, or what effect it will have on beef production.

Best Measure Of Ranch Sustainability Is Economic Profitability

Dateline: 04/17/14, Source: By James McGrann, Beef Magazine

Sustainability is a buzzword these days, often invoked by food-service providers and retailers who increasingly say they’re committed to sourcing food from sustainable beef production systems.

US Warns of 'Sustainable Beef'

Dateline: 04/19/14, Source: By Colin Bettles, Farm Weekly

US Cattlemen’s Association president Jon Wooster has warned any definition of “sustainable beef” would leave a critical question unanswered about what constitutes “unsustainable beef,” generating potentially negative commercial implications.


Sustainable Beef Draft 'A Dud': Nats

Dateline: 04/02/14, Source: By Jacinta Bolsenbroek, Farm Weekly

The Western Australian National Party is leading a charge to stop the draft of an environmental certification scheme.

Nats Have Wrong End of Stick on Beef Sustainability Issue: CCA

Dateline: 04/11/14, Source: By James Nason, Beef Central

Australian cattle producers have little to fear from the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) process, and potentially much to gain, the Cattle Council of Australia maintains.

Sustainable Beef' All About Choice

Dateline: 04/10/14, Source: By Matthew Cawood, Stock Journal

The strongest reaction to the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef's (GRSB) draft "principles and concepts" document has been fear. This is a poor basis for clear thinking.

Setting Beef Standards

Dateline: 04/07/14, Source: By Matthew Cawood, Queensland Country Life

For most people, standards like ISO9000 and ISO14000 suggest mind-blowing tedium. David Horlock argues that instead, the agriculture sector view standards as "knowledge of what good looks like", and apply that knowledge.

You Can't Eat Your Cake and Have the Forest Too -- or Can You?

Dateline: 04/08/14, Source: By Gustavo A.B. da Fonseca, Huffington Post

Voluntary programs such as…the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Beef… have attracted the active participation of important corporate players such as retail giant Walmart….

Australian Cattle Industry Told to Get Proactive on Standards

Dateline: 04/07/14, Source: By James Nason, Beef Central

Whether cattle producers like it or not, they’re likely to hear a lot more about the need to develop standards to demonstrate their industry’s environmental, animal welfare and ethical credentials to the voting public in coming years.

Youth Key to Sustainable Growth in Africa - FAO

Dateline: 04/07/14, Source: By Brenda Zulu, The Post Online, Zambia

FAO director general José Graziano da Silva says the youth need more incentives for them to engage in rural activities such as livestock production.

Opinion: Without Profitable Producers, There Is No Beef Industry

Dateline: 04/15/14, Source: By Ruaraidh Petre, Executive Director, Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, Beef Central

I am dismayed by some of the stories and comments I have read regarding the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.  

Global News   

Beef Industry Hoping Russia's Ban Can Be Overturned


Dateline: 04/03/14, Source: ABC au

Australian meat processors will be watching closely to see if Russia's ban on Australian chilled and frozen beef can be overturned.


Transparency: The New Must-Have Ingredient

Dateline: 04/03/14, Source: By Whitney Daily, Food for Thought Blog in Partnership with Chipotle, Huffington Post

From cage-free eggs and rBGH-free dairy, to pink slime and sustainable beef, Americans increasingly expect companies to communicate the intimate details on how their food is produced and handled, from how animals and workers are treated, to the environmental impacts of packaging.       

Our Members


News We Can Use

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Members in The News

PCAS Standards Get a Re-Work, to Clarify Entry Requirements

Dateline: 04/03/14, Source: By Jon Condon, Beef Central

Twelve months after the launch of the Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System, the program’s standards are being re-defined…

McDonald's Honors Cargill with Seven "Best of Sustainable Supply" Awards

Dateline: 04/01/14, Source: PR Newswire, Digital Journal

McDonald's, one of Cargill's largest global customers, honored Cargill today with seven "Best of Sustainable Supply" awards, including two category winners for community impact and economics.

Tyson Launches New Angus Beef Promotion

Dateline: 04/03/14, Source: Meat & Poultry

The subsidiary of Tyson Foods, Inc. is launching a new promotion which focuses on the Star Ranch Angus beef 100 percent commitment to consumers.

Rabobank: Chinese Market to Lead Continued Strong Beef Demand Globally

Dateline: 04/07/14, Source: Rabobank News Release

Market fundamentals remain very positive for the global beef industry, according to Rabobank’s Q1 Beef Quarterly report.

McDonald's Launches New Digital Business Tool to Help Farmers Save Money

Dateline: 04/11/14, Source: By Eleanor Mackay, Meat

Fast food giant McDonald's has launched a new digital business tool, which aims to help the beef industry save money and reduce CO2 emissions.

ECO:nomics: How to Make Recycling Profitable

Dateline: 04/03/14, Source: Wall Street Journal Video

The CEOs from Tyson Foods and Waste Management talk about how they’ve been able to make recycling Tyson’s waste profitable by separating different types of recyclable materials. They both speak with WSJ’s Kimberley. See Video

BuzzBack + the Rainforest Alliance Kick Off Earth Month With Findings From A New Global Study on Sustainability

Dateline: 04/09/14, Source: PR Urgent

Just in time for Earth Month, BuzzBack and the Rainforest Alliance release new findings from their global sustainability study that find consumers have a different understanding of sustainability…

Global News

Northern Beef Report Says Profitability Is Low, But Not Trending DownTitle with Link

Dateline: 4/14/14, Source: By John Condon, Beef Central

The 2013 Northern Beef Situation Analysis is a detailed financial study commissioned by Meat & Livestock Australia, scrutinising the performance of the northern beef industry by region, market and herd size over the period 2001-2012.

EU Beef Situation Difficult, New Figures Reveal

Dateline: 4/14/14, Source: By Georgi Gyton, Global Meat

EU beef prices have seen a sharp drop, with production costs rising, according to new figures discussed by European farmers' organization….

Australia Sets Sights of Beef Exports to China after Success of Japanese Deal

Dateline: 04/15/14, Source: By South China Morning Post

Long-stalled efforts by Australia to sell live cattle to China are gaining fresh impetus from negotiations to secure a bilateral free-trade deal.

NorthBEEF Membership Launch

Dateline: 04/15/14, Source: North Queensland Register

NorthBEEF’s vision is for a vibrant north Australian beef industry that is healthy, viable and secure.

JoAnne Skelly: Soil Stores Carbon, Mitigating Climate Change

Dateline: 04/07/14, Source: Nevada Appeal

With the global population projected to grow to 9 billion people by 2050, healthy soil is more important than ever.

Japan/Australia Trade Agreement Cracks Tariffs on Frozen and Chilled Beef

Dateline: 04/11/14, Source: MercoPress

United States beef shipments to Japan may drop after the largest Asian buyer inked this week a deal with Australia to begin reducing import tariffs as early as next year, the Japanese agriculture ministry




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